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The canning process delivers lower disolved oxygen levels and no light penetration; the two major enemies of freshness to beer.

The seal being tighter than any bottle cap, the seal holds the integrity of the beer longer. It is vastly more expensive to can than it is to bottle. However, canning is better for the environment and freshness of the product. Accountants hate canning, brewers insist on it.

At Rivertowne Brewing our mission is to brew quality, craft beer that embodies our commitment to using the freshest ingredients, state of the art brewing processes and sustainable packaging. This enables us to focus on what matters most– preserving the integrity of the product — in every way possible. With that being said, we are dedicated to delivering to you the most enjoyable craft beer experience.

The decision to use cans began with our mission but doesn’t end there. Cans are the only container that keep out both oxygen and light. A bottling process inherently introduces beer to large quantities of both. Our decision to adopt new canning technology allows us to can beer at much lower dissolved oxygen levels and eliminates the issues of light.

The lining in cans is completely different from what it used to be. Our cans have a water-based polymer lining that eliminates any metallic contamination. The can locks in flavor better than even a dark glass bottle, because there is no light penetration and the seal is tighter than any bottle cap. Thus, fresher beer, longer. Cans also provide more versatility than their counterpart.

We at Rivertowne Brewing are dedicated to providing you a quality product that you can enjoy just about anywhere that you like to drink great beer. Take them to the beach, take them on the river, the golf course, your tailgate and its easy as pie. Bonus!